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Research on globalized language policies

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Research on educational applications of sociolinguistics

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Research on inequality in teacher migration

Savski, K. (in press). (Trans)languaging, power and resistance: bordering as discursive agency. Language in Society.

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Research on language policy in specific contexts

Widiawati, D. & Savski, K. (in press). Primary-level English-medium instruction in a minority language area: any space for the local language?. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development.

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General writings about language policy

Savski, K. (2019). Historical ethnographic approaches to analysing policy discourses. In: N. Montesano Montessori, M. Farrelly & J. Mulderrig (Eds.), Critical Policy Discourse Analysis (pp. 193-215). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

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V slovenščini (in Slovene)

Savski, K. (2015). Kdo slovar ne rabi in kdo ga potrebuje [Who needs a dictionary and who doesn’t]. In: Smolej, M. (Ed.), Obdobja 34: Slovnica in slovar – aktualni jezikovni opis. Ljubljana: ZZFF.

Savski, K. (2013). Obravnava jezikovne kulture v kritiki jezikovne politike [Language cultivation in a critical approach to language policy]. In: Žele, A. (Ed.), Obdobja 32: Družbena funkcijskost jezika (vidiki, merila, opredelitve). Ljubljana: ZZFF.

Book reviews

Savski, K. (2019). Review of the book Globalizing Language Policy and Planning: An Irish Language Perspective, by M. Moriarty. Journal of Language and Politics, 18 (3), 471-473.